Farewell my fair maiden...

                                                           You leave us behind today
                                                           to a far, far away land;
                                                           To follow the love of your life,
                                                           you leave us with full of smiles;
                                                           If love could weather through rough times,
                                                           I'd wished it for you;

                                                           But love is like glass,
                                                           It is breakable,
                                                           It is fragile,
                                                           No one can tell;
                                                           Do not lose heart,
                                                           No matter what the outcome may be,
                                                           Have faith and be happy,
                                                           You'll be fine;
                                                           Be strong, sis
                                                           Definitely you'll be missed;
                                                           We send you off in prayers,
                                                           Hoping to meet again, God bless.





The Journey in Life

As we journey through life we plan our own destinations.Some are obligatory while others are for pleasure.
It is Allah's wish that you make this destination.So it is fortunate that He has chosen you.
As  humans we tend to put pleasure before obligations.But somehow if Allah loves you , He will beckon you to perform this beautiful journey of a lifetime.

So on this eventful day, the 23rd of April 2011, you  have planned your destination, to be Allah's guest.You are going to perform the Umrah, a most beautiful and memorable one, Insya Allah.

It is an eventful  one  for you my little sister, as the first is always the hardest.But do not fret, because you are in good Hands as this is the closest you get to be with Allah .

I pray for your safety and hope you'll get through this journey as I see you have a beautiful and confident stride to start your destination.May Allah guide you always.Amin.

 Dedicate this to the youngest and yet a person with the biggest heart, my sweet sister-in-law...Meng.


International Charity Bazaar - 16 -17April 2011

17 April 2011 - Attended our daughter's first performance in public with her school orchestra. The performance was held at the Institute Diplomacy of Foreign Relations, Multipurpose Hall, Kuala Lumpur ,  in conjunction with the International Charity Bazaar held from 16-17 April 2011.

Selamat Datang

Ini adalah tampalan saya yg pertama sebagai ujian.